GoAir, never.

EDIT : BTW, I had been traveling since 8 AM that morning. From Bagdogra to Delhi.


Flight Delhi to Goa, via Mumbai.

Delhi to Mumbai : G8-346

Mumbai to Goa : G8-379

In Delhi, the first flight G8-346 got delayed by an hour, so I went to the ground staff there who assured me that the flight to Goa from Mumbai (G8-379) will be delayed for me. All staff there was sure that this will happen.

While sitting in the plane at Delhi airport, I get a call from a certain Sweta Aggarwal (+91-9004680792), who tells me that the flight to Goa won’t be delayed and take off without me. She gives me two options, either terminate the booking or stay at Mumbai airport overnight. When I call her back(multiple times), no answer.

When I reached Mumbai, I was told that the flight to Goa has already departed. I was made to stay all night in a lounge, which had no food at night, and the food court was closed down too. Waited there till 5.25 AM, and went to Goa in G8-375.

The person at the transfer counter in Mumbai had no clue how they could have given us the boarding pass at Delhi when they knew that the flight to Goa could not be delayed.

In general, there was no person anywhere who had any idea what was going on and who was responsible enough to offer any compensation/other options.

Bad service, bad management.